100% Natural & Pure Moringa

All of our moringa products are hand made without the use of any machinery to retain its nutritional quality.

Use of hand made processes are expensive but it gives highest quality of nutrition as there is no heat and pressure used for creation of STJ's Super Foods.

Cultivation without the use of chemicals and artificial fertilizers.

Zero Chemical

Leaf washing before drying in Sun.

High Hygiene

Use of ancient Sun Drying process instead of using fast machine drying.

No Machine

Using ancient manual or hand stone grinding methods to extract powder from leaves.


We use traditional processes and approach to retain the highest level of nutrition in our Moringa Products.

The use of machines and mechanised processes leads to a huge amount of losses in the nutritional values of herbs.

This is because of high temperatures and heats are created; at the same time high pressure is needed for mass production which will reduce the nutritional properties to a minimum.

We Offer 100% Pure Moringa Powder which can be used as daily food intake or occasional nutritutional supplement.

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