Moringa The Immunity Booster.

Moringa also known as Moringa Oleifera has been consumed in Asian countries for many centuries as a herbal medicine and part of day to day diet. Let's know more about it...

How Good is Moringa?

Nutritious vitamins and minerals are found in (21 grams) Moringa Powder like:

  • Protein: 2 grams

  • Vitamin B6: 19% of the RDA

  • Vitamin C: 12% of the RDA

  • Iron: 11% of the RDA

  • Riboflavin (B2): 11% of the RDA

  • Vitamin A (from beta-carotene): 9% of the RDA

  • Magnesium: 8% of the RDA


Moringa dried leaves and powder composition as per USDA is as follows:

Following 51 powerful Moringa ingredients are listed as:


Rich in Antioxidants.

Free radicals are controlled and eradicated by antioxidants in your body and Moringa consists of several antioxidant plant compounds. In addition to beta-carotene and vitamin C, this includes Quercetin - an powerful antioxidant which aids in lowering blood pressure & Chlorogenic Acid - it helps in moderating blood sugar levels after meals.


Improves Libido & Cures ED.

ED or Erectile Dysfunction is a situation where inability occurs to have firmness during intercourse. Poor blood circulation will cause ED which can occur due to high blood pressure, high level of fats in blood and diabetes.

Ployphenols is a plant based compound found in moringa powder which will improves blood flow and reduces blood pressure which may improve Erectile Dysfunction problem in men.




Case Study:

A women took 7 gms of moringa powder on daily basis for 3 months on regular basis, and intake of moringa increased her Antioxidant levels. (Source:

Fat & Weight Loss.

Moringa Power would assist in fat loss and weight loss. Moringa powder will reduce fat cell formation and accelerates fat cell breakdown.

In an study which lasted for 8 weeks, 41 obese people where given a similar exercise pattern and diet. Those who took 900 mg of moringa powder in thier daily diet lost 10. 6 pounds or 4.8 kgs and their couter part who did not take moringa powder in thier diet lost only 4 pounds or 1.8 kgs.


Reduce Inflamation.

As a response to injury and infestion our body uses inflamation as a defense mechanism. However, if the inflamation continues for longer period of time, it will create serious health problems. Chornic inflamation may be caused due to heart disease and cancer as well.

Anti-Inflamatory compounds found in moringa are isothiocyanates which reduces inflamation.


Lower Cholestrol with Moringa.

High cholestrol can lead to serious health issues like heart disease. But, fortunately various plants have cholestrol reduding properties.

High cholestrol can be reduced and controlled with the use of Moringa powder consumption. Both in Human and Animal trials have be conducted to prove the same.


Control Arsenic Toxicity.

Arsenic contamination in food and water is a growing concern especially due to high level of arsenic found in ground water at deeper levels.

Exposure to arsenic contaminated food and water for long terms might lead to Cancer and other serious diseases. However, many studies have shown that Moringa powder protects againsts the toxicity of arsenic contamination.


Blood Sugar Level Moderator.

High blood sugar can be a characteristics of diabetes and may lead to serious health problems like heart disease. Thus, it is important to keep blood sugar level in healthy limits.

Moringa has indications of reducing blood sugar levels. A study with group of six people with diabetes found that adding 50 grams of moringa powder to their meals reduced the rise of blood sugar by 21%.


Note - Benefits of Moringa Powder may vary baesd on personal physiology, biology, age, physical conditioning and lifestyle.

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